Monday, 16 November 2009

FTW- Rebecca's out and about

Rebecca is a good friend of FTW and for the last month or so she has been in some place called India. We have been keeping in touch with our traveller and getting some fucking wicked stories from we thought it would be cool to post them up so everyone could have a butchers at what our mate Becca has been up to.


It's 7am. apparently Jen and the bus boy have been trying to wake me up for 15 minutes, the sleeper bus is empty and i'm all over the place with wild eyes and blankets and hair and bags flying all over the place and i've lost my frigging flipflop somehow so im hopping off the bus into the shite filled Delhi street, and Indians are taking my photo, wicked! Bloody valium knocked me out in the end after 2.30am, when the bus FINALLY stopped so i could ''use'' the i was frigging bursting and seriously thought I was gonna wet myself and I was so lethargic from the pill I could hardly move. So Jen was fast asleep and there was absolutely no place to pee because the men were just bopping off the bus and pissing all over the place. So I had to practically walk to the railway track and pee in the gravel asap, the whole while mega worried that the bus was gonna take off without me and I'd be stranded half way between Bikaner and Delhi god knows where! Anyway, Jen finally managed to draw some cash out off the atm last night - HALLELUJAH. As we were actually down to our last 150 rupees between us and it was getting prettttty desperate - so much so the water was being rationed. Cheers Indian banks, cheeeeers! So all i want now is a shower/bucket of cold water to freshen up and get to the jetplane and feel like a human being again as its been 3 days since I last washed or was in a bed.

to be continued....x

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