Monday, 16 November 2009


The Berlin duo STEREO TOTAL has created a colourful and fascinating universe. This Europop outfit features the core duo of French singer Françoise Cactus (vocals, guitar, drums) and Brezel Göring (vocals, guitar, keyboards). They played at The Luminaire which is prob the best venue for live music in North London. Now to be honest we did not know too much about STEREO TOTAL apart from what the guys at BOTW had told us, on meeting Brezel and Françoise we fell in love with them. As the night went on The Luminaire started to take shape as the best venue in North London the sound was spot on the, BOTW dj’s where pretty sick playing the whole clues album, we fucking loved it. When STEREO TOTAL came on the place just went insane with people flying around the place. We could not help ourselves and get a bit caught up in the whole night for a min we thought we were in some amazing lil club in Berlin dancing our hearts almost forgetting to take photos. At the end of the night there was a full on stage invasion and even that somehow was not cheesy as stage invasion tend to be STEREO TOTAL played the punters so well, you can defo tell that these guys are pro’s. BOTW again put on a sound show and if you have a chance to see STEREO TOTAL please do. FTW will be there for sure.

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