Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Rushka Moore, well what can we say about this very talented young artists well for one she has just done that whole uni thing where you get some kind of scroll at the end. Her work has a certain charm to it whenever we see work by Ru (yeah we can shorten her name cos we know her) we feel very warm and peaceful. Her childish but yet very inspiring paintings always seem to catch the eye’s of everyone in the room. We LOVE Ru’s work and are so happy she has let us put some paintings up so everyone can see. We have always loved Ru cos she loves Adam and Joe as do we. She also co-host a night at the Penthouse in Brighton called EAGLE LEGS! Check it out if you can cos it is pretty sick (the guys from EAGLE LEGS will be making some noise and FTW’s forthcoming shows). Also check out her blog for more work and other thoughts from this ever growing artist. FTW have had words with ru and she has told us that she is working on some new work (this makes us very happy)

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